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The True Airhead 

APrA story of Struggles to Laptop Lifestyle!  Artist Designed Bookmark with Pre Orders below!

If I can write a book with part of my brain missing, you can do it with a full brain!

A story of living with struggles and insecurities to writing a book and living a laptop lifestyle!

The True Airhead's Guide to Self Confidence

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Free Guide to Self Confidence. I was able to write a book with part of my brain missing. My spelling and grammar are not good This list can guide you to gain self-confidence and change your mindset!


You have a very compelling story which I believe will engage the readers.
-Tom Ziglar
pictured with his father Zig Ziglar
Wow! Tammy's book is refreshing, inspiring, and full of hope! I'll never forget the day during my Breakthruogh Freedom Challenge that she received her breakthrough that has lead her to breakthrough after breakthrough, after Breakthrough! Tammy is a shining example of one of my quotes, "within you pain is hidden power, and power can be leveraged to profit and produce profits! Thanks Tammy for blessing the world withiin your story and inspiration.
-Dr. Stan Harris
This book will take you through her struggles and motivate you to take action and become more confident.

Kevin Harrington
Inventor of the infomercial


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I can help you find those mental blocks and guide you to creatin your own laptop lifestyle without making the airhead mistakes that I made along my journey.

Did you know that 2% of network marketers actually make a profit? If a true airhead can be in that 2% because of the barriers I broke through to get there. Let's figure out your barriers together and get you to that laptop lifestyle!